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  • If you are a fan of the film Frozen, you've probably already heard of FimFiction. The website is a pillar of fandom and has thousands of stories to read. The site hosts hundreds of different types of stories, including MLP fanfic. For the most part, it's free to read, and there are no ads. The website also allows its users to vote on each story. Each story will have a rating, but you can only rate it three times before it gets banned.

    Many Fimfiction authors post their stories on the site on a regular basis, but many of them also include April Fools chapters (often trolls) to get attention. One user even posted 44 chapters of My Immortal badfic! The site also features many troll stories and features MLP-related fanfic. In addition, many users develop minor characters in the show, such as Cloud Kicker. While she's an insignificant pegasus in the show, she's a promiscuous star of her own story.

    While NSFW content may be okay for a FimFiction, it's not always appropriate for all ages. It's also important to note that the site's rules prohibit a certain amount of explicit content. For example, if a fic contains a lot of swearing, it must be tagged Mature to remain readable. This might cause some problems for readers, but it's definitely worth trying.

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    Generally, the content of FimFiction is mature. The most mature stories are PG-13, and those that aren't may be considered 'dubious'. Some fics are 'Dubious' because they include profanity and intimate or suggestive romantic relations. For those who prefer to remain safe, there are a number of categories of 'Mature' stories. If a story has both categories, it will be categorized as Young Adult.

    In FimFiction, characters are usually tagged. The creators of the story can assign various descriptors and styles to it. Then, they can add new characters. They can also tag their stories. Basically, the more tags you add, the better. You can create as many stories as you want as you like as long as you have a few hours to write. The more you write, the better.

    Before submitting, you must save your work and publish the chapter. The publish option can be found on the editing page's menu. Clicking on this option will save your progress and prevent the story from loading in a new version. After publishing, it is recommended to submit an unpublished story. If the story does not load properly, try saving and re-submitting. After re-submitting, you should be able to make changes.