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  • The layout of OpenTGC is relatively simple and allows users to view two images at a time. The site features various photo collections, ranging from lactating chicks to huge racks of clothing. It also offers a search option. If you are unsure what the right caption is for a certain photo, consider submitting it yourself. However, be aware that publishing such an image on your website is not recommended. It can cause problems with your website's performance.

    Another issue with OpenTGC is that it takes too long to load some pages. It's true that some pages can take as long as 30 seconds to load. However, OpenTGC recently posted an update claiming that this issue has been resolved. This doesn't mean the site is infected by backend issues; images and stories load just fine. So, it may be worth giving it a try if you're concerned about performance.

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    Another issue with OpenTGC is that it's not a permanent porn site. The site was created by one person, who edited all of the content, and then quit. Fortunately, other people were willing to take up the cause and continue the site's legacy. Today, the site is a place to find short stories and longer articles about transgender experiences. This website also has plenty of reality porn stories. You can find just about every type of porn, from fiction to the naughty and downright gross.