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  • MCStories is an online publication that lets its readers read stories in a variety of categories. The stories are often taboo and extremely explicit. There is no search function or filtering options, but there is a reader's picks section. Unlike other erotic literature, the content on MCStories is not strictly related to mind control. However, if you're looking for sexually explicit stories, MCStories is a great place to look.

    MCStories has a large variety of stories ranging from a few thousand words to over ten thousand words. There is a minimalistic interface, and the site contains a comprehensive FAQ and A-Z list. It lacks a search function, and navigating the categories takes some time. Also, there's a learning curve with the abbreviations and color codes, so the site can be difficult to navigate.

    In addition to the stories, there is a forum on the site that lets writers discuss their erotic writing and get feedback from their readers. The MCForum is a private site, and non-registered guests are only allowed to read the posts made by administrators. Members can post replies to posts, and they can vote on their favorite stories. If you enjoy erotic fiction, you'll find a home on MCStories.

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    The site offers plenty of free content, and is an excellent place to read sexually explicit sex stories. A large archive of stories can be found here, and the forum is a great place to discuss stories. There are plenty of categories to choose from, so you're sure to find something you enjoy. There are also forums that let you share and discuss erotic material, which can be a great way to meet new people.

    The MCStories website is dedicated to mc erotica. There are over a thousand stories published on the site, and there are many more available to read. The website has an easy-to-navigate layout, and writers are categorized by categories. There's also a forum on the MCStories website that has a large collection of mc sex stories. If you're interested in reading these stories, you'll have a wide range of choices.

    MCStories is a great place to find and share mind control stories. It also hosts two forums dedicated to this type of adult content. The forums are a great place to interact with other writers and develop your writing skills. It's a great resource for mc stories, but be warned, the site is not for everyone. The site's design is a bit bland, and the text is often too small to read.

    MCStories is a great source of erotic fiction. It's a fun way to discover new books and stories that you might not have otherwise found. The stories themselves are extremely sexually explicit, but the disclaimers are hilarious and make them even more fun to read. The MCstories community has no boundaries when it comes to erotic literature. Despite being an extremely popular resource, MCSTORES does not cover all erotic genres.