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  • If you've ever been enamored with a transgender character, you'll definitely want to visit FictionMania. The community is huge and very creative, but it can sometimes be difficult to find what you're looking for. Luckily, there's no need to worry - there's a forum dedicated to that exact topic. Just click on the link below to find your story! You can also find a host of other stories by other users.

    Using FictionMania's forum is free and easy. All you need to do is register and start reading! The site also has many options for browsing. You can browse by genre, author, and more. There's a message board, advanced search, and author list. The advanced search feature has more features and includes character age and gender, and you can even search by author and file size. The info section has user information that can help you find what you're looking for.

    The Fictionmania site began life as a mailing list for transgender fiction writers. This community soon grew from a handful to more than 20,000 stories. The site's splash page even explains the origin of the name, referring to "something conceived by the imagination". The name is intended to be a play on words for the reader to try and imagine. The site is free, and is still constantly growing, so there's no reason to stop reading.

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    Unlike other sex fiction websites, Fictionmania is not exclusive. The site allows readers to browse stories of all types, and the stories are categorized by genre. In addition to sharing their favorite novels, Fictionmania hosts contests that seek to inspire new authors and highlight outstanding writing. Additionally, the site has become an unofficial library of short stories. You can browse through these stories in categories and search for them using keywords. You can also search the archived literature by author or character. If you enjoy the genre, you can also search through the collection of other literature.

    FictionMania is a website dedicated to transgender fiction. The site is based in New York City and has nearly three-quarters of a million stories. However, it's worth mentioning that most stories are not randomly selected. Some people are forced to write them down. Others simply make up the stories in order to appear cooler or compensate for their unhappiness. In addition, people who use fictionmania create fantasies about themselves in order to seem cool. This phenomenon is known as "fictionocity".

    As of September 2011, Fictionmania hosts more than 15,000 storey files. The website is free to access and is open to transgender literature. At the time of writing, the site hosted more than 15,000 storey files. The number of stories has increased dramatically since March 2008, and it is estimated that more than 30,000 stories will be published on the site by the end of 2011. And if you're a transgender person, you can find a story of any gender on this website.