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  • If you're interested in reading fanfic stories, Adult Fanfiction might be a great choice. The site is a vast archive of erotic tales and stories. It's hosted by the Apollo site and has been around for 16 years. While it doesn't disclose its daily visitor count, it has a very high user rating. Moreover, you can collaborate with other writers and read their work, if you're feeling inspired.

    If you're looking for an erotic tale, you can check out AdultFanFiction. It's a website dedicated to erotica stories. It contains many different categories, and the site's archives feature several posts from the last week. It also features a search function, though it could use an update. In addition, the site requires you to verify your age in order to view erotic fanfic.

    While many fans think of AdultFanFiction as fan fiction, the site is not quite as glamorous. The web address is so long that you have to use a search engine to find it. However, it is a fantastic place to read adult stories, and the community feels very welcoming. Whether you want to read an erotic story, or a fan-fiction novel, there is a website for it. You can find some of the best stories on the site.

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    The AdultFanFiction community area of this site is the forums. Unlike other adult fiction sites, the forum section is moderated. It accepts fan fiction from various media, including TV and movie series. It also features a category for original works. Besides, FicWad features a large amount of fics and allows original works to be published. You can also post your own fic on FicWad and Quotev.

    Adult Fan Fiction is somewhat homogeneous. Most members of the site agree on certain relationships and characters. This is a good thing, as it attracts more readers. You can't make money off of this site - you're only generating profit from advertisements. But the community is not homogenous. Instead, it is 'we-think' and highly-disliked.