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  • Comix Harem is a free online game with lustful comic ladies. The goal of the game is to expand your harem as much as possible. You can recruit a variety of characters and take on other players to increase your performance points. The game contains adult content. It is recommended for mature audiences. You can also find a harem for your character by browsing through the downloadable comics.

    The story in Comix Harem is expansive and funny. The developers are clever and have incorporated a parody of Western comics while still making the comics a funny yarn in their own right. This series of comics also features a bevy of superheroes, which are a bit more kinki than your  heroes. As long as you are OK with a racy plotline, you'll have a great time playing this hentai game.

    The graphics are excellent. It reminds me of the cartoons that I grew up watching, and the game is similar to those. The main difference between ComixHarem and other games is that they don't feature open world exploration. The main mode is the campaign mode. The other modes, like the gacha pulls, are for completing objectives. The gameplay is enjoyable and the graphics are stunning. There are plenty of ways to complete tasks in this free game. You'll have to work together with your partner to help each other and save the world.

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    If you want to spend a few hours playing the game, make sure to register for the free version of ComixHarem. You'll be able to play for free without feeling pressured by advertisements. You'll also be able to experience a lot of sex scenes with no censorship! If you don't feel like spending money, check out the website for more information. If you'd like to play for free, you'll probably enjoy the game.

    ComixHarem is a free download that requires an internet connection. There are several levels and you can unlock more girls after completing each level. The game features a PvP system where you fight other players for the right to control the mistresses. During the battle, you'll have to fight to earn XP and Mojo for the girls to satisfy their desires. The game has many side quests and exercises that you can complete.

    ComixHarem's isn't a traditional game. It's more of an animated manga, so the sound is a bit strange and unusual. This game has a score of 8 out of 10. The soundtracks are not too loud, but they're not very loud either. If you're into anime porn, you'll love this game. However, it will be hard to stop playing it until you've mastered every level. Get your discount now!