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  • Pornstar Harem is a free-to-play hentai game that promises the ultimate masturbatory excursion: assembling a team of hot female porn stars who can't get enough of you. This raunchy RPG from the makers of the ultra popular Hentai Heroes is designed to bring you close to every male porn actor's wet dream.

    You start the game in Begin City, where you'll find your angel-winged porn star guide Shawna, who shows you how to start a business that will make all your dreams come true. Once you're ready to hit the road, you'll start collecting girls and bringing them along on your adventures. You'll compete in challenges, enjoy juicy scenes, and level up your slutty collection to give them everything they want.

    In the meanwhile, you'll also have to keep track of your money and energy, as well as manage your sex god path. Each girl in your harem has her own 'affection' level that controls how naked she is on the profile picture, and they'll earn you cash and in-game gold every half-hour. You can also visit the nightclub to win gifts and girls, or fight other sex gods and sluts in the PornstarHarem PvP mode.

    Using the in-game money you collect, you can upgrade your equipment to increase your performance in competitions and events. You can also buy the girls a variety of sex aids that can up their filthy kink experience levels and bolster their 'affection' meter. And of course, you can buy the sluts anything they desire — from giant dildos to flowers to butt plugs.

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    As you play, you'll unlock new areas of the map and explore different scenarios and story lines. The PornstarHarem girls in your harem will also earn you extra 'affection' if you do things like help them with their career or rescue them from sex slave trafficking rings.

    Pornstar Harem is a pretty fun little game to play. The set-up is simple enough to understand, and the timers on most missions aren't long enough to make you feel rushed. That, combined with the sexy, cute girls and the easy-to-use interface, makes this a game that's easily habit-forming and likely to keep you playing until you reach the end credits.

    The only real flaw I saw in the game was a lack of more sexy scenes, but if you're looking for a fun and addicting new hentai, this is certainly one worth checking out. Just don't expect the graphics to be jaw-dropping. The PornstarHarem game is available now for PC and mobile devices. A free-to-play version is available, and a premium card will give you 360 gold a day, bonus PvP and boss battle chances, re-rolls on premium items that you don't want, and discounts across the board in the market. A season pass is also available for a reasonable price.