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  • xConfessions is an online video site that allows users to watch erotic porn movies for as long as they want. You can share your confessions and enjoy the videos on any device. Unlike other sites, xConfessions doesn't have a subscription plan and you can cancel it at any time.

    Erika Lust, the creator of XConfessions, is a passionate filmmaker who transforms anonymous confessions into erotic & passionate short films. Her catalog currently contains over 50 films, with two being added each month. These films are based on real life accounts and feature a diverse range of settings, characters, and fetishes. The films are performed by Erika Lust, an actress and filmmaker.

    Couples' sex lives can get monotonous after a while. A good way to add some spice is to share sexual fantasies with your partner. This can spark new conversations and action. XConfessions was created with this in mind. A few fantasies can be eye-opening and spark a new conversation between you and your partner.

    Ethical Porn with XConfessions in The Porn App or APK

    You can even find useful guides on how to handle your kids' addiction to porn. XConfessions.com has plenty of tips for parents, and encourages them to have a discussion with their kids. It also explains that online sex is a form of performance, not real sex. The people in these films do not represent the average body, and you shouldn't treat women the way you would free-tube porn treat women.

    The XConfessions app is fun and free for couples to play together. It allows couples to explore new fantasies and find their own sexual fantasies. It can be the perfect way to boost romance in a relationship, or if you're just dating a new partner. No matter what your relationship status, XConfessions can help you get over your fears and get in touch with your partner.

    As a sex role model, Erika Lust is a leading example of a sex positive role model. She writes articles about sex, adult performers, and feminism. Get your discount!