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  • Lust Cinema is an online streaming site that focuses on producing hardcore pornographic films. The site has several advantages over other streaming sites. It has an extensive database of films and has the ability to update its content every two weeks. It also has a blog and an online store where users can purchase DVDs for private collections.

    Founded in 2005, Lust Cinema is an online film library with over 200 movies to choose from. Most of these films last 20 to 30 minutes and are in high definition. Each movie is supported by high-resolution photo sets. Currently, the site features 560 models engaged in erotic action. Although the site does not list when it will be updated, it has added 30 movies since I last checked.

    LustCinema also has a unique take on the erotica genre. Unlike the mainstream porn network, it offers an ethical alternative. The content is wide-ranging and consists of models of all ages, skin colors, and genders. Moreover, the content is never boring or repetitive. This is a great choice for the more discerning sex fans. It is also cheaper than many other websites.

    As an added bonus, Lustcinema.com offers video streaming on mobile devices. Videos are delivered in 1080p HD quality and have lightning-fast streaming speeds. Lustcinema is a great place to find the latest porn videos. In addition to live voyeur cams, this website also features hundreds of high-quality porn movies. It also boasts nearly 5 million registered users and new movies are added daily.

    The company's founder, Erika Lust, established the erotic site in 2005. It offers a large selection of erotic films for adults, and its members can watch them with their partner or alone. Its content is handpicked by renowned feature and guest directors. The performers are compensated fairly, cast without bias, and informed of their rights to consent.

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    As a filmmaker, Erika Lust is not a psychologist nor a sex expert, but she does not mind sharing her films - if they are free to view. Her goal is to bring women to the forefront of the adult film industry. The erotic genre needs to promote women as producers and directors, but she also wants people to be more open-minded and educated about the genre.

    Erika Lust is a Swedish erotic filmmaker who makes movies for women. She has her own definition of what constitutes good erotica. She does not want to see bimbos begging for cum, but instead features beautiful girls and men. This type of erotic content is more authentic and intense.

    LustCinema.com is free of advertisements, and tracks describe the quality of the films. The site's content is categorized by category and actor, and it allows users to browse the most recent films. Users can also filter the films by actors and categories and browse the trailers without registration. Many users find the site useful for finding new adult movies. Get your discount!