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  • UraLesbian with wet kisses, intense pussy licking and hard strap-on fucking are the main draws of this uncensored lesbian porn site. The visual quality on offer here is superb, and the Japanese models are absolutely gorgeous to boot.

    Unlike many of the other Asian lesbian sites that focus on threesomes, this one focuses on pure girl-on-girl action and does so without blurring any genital areas. The roster is outstanding, and it’s updated a few times each week with new girls showing off their tight little assholes for you to enjoy. The videos are crystal clear at HD resolution, with most coming in with a video and photo set, giving you an even bigger experience than the typical Japanese lesbian site.

    The UraLesbian UPDATES page displays the most recent videos and photo sets, while the MODELS page displays gorgeous high-res photos of 30 or so beautiful girls. You can also view free preview clips from each model that display 30-60 seconds of the girl sexy and nude in her scenes. As of this review, the site had 16 models with at least 12 scenes and pictorials online.

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    Despite this low count, UraLesbian is definitely worth your time if you’re into Japanese girl-on-girl action. There’s a ton of content here, with each girl appearing in at least two different scenes (some with more). All the photos and videos are shot on white backgrounds, so picking out your favorite models from the lineup can be tricky.

    Most of the scenes involve a single model with a friend, although there are a few solo shots as well. The first scene on UraLesbian in each set shows the girl getting undressed and getting into position for some erotic action. Once the scene starts, you get up close and personal to see how her asshole squirts and moans as she’s being licked, fingered and dildoed by her friend.

    Some of the more interesting scenes here involve a girl and her partner, and all of them end with a wild and orgasmic climax. One of my favorites involved Natsuki Yokohama being tied up and having her tight asshole fucked by a girl and her friend. Another awesome scene features a tight little asshole being dildoed by a couple of sexy blonde bombshells.

    Authentic uncensored Japanese lesbian porn is a rarity, but UraLesbian does it right. It’s small and a bit pricey, but with a solid roster of gorgeous girls and regular updates, it’s certainly worth checking out.