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  • Ungloryhole is an amazing little site from the same producers as Haze Him. They take the fun tricked straight guy gay glory hole concept and run with it with excellent planning and impeccable production. The result is a really solid website that delivers sexy glory hole scenes in both streaming and downloadable formats. Full members also get a nice selection of bonus sites.

    UnGloryHole is fairly new and there are a fair number of scenes already available at the time of this review with more coming in at a steady pace. All of the videos are shot exclusively for this site so you won't see them anywhere else. The site is also pretty clear on their rules and doesn't try to hide the fact that it is a glory hole site with a lot of gay guys getting sucked by straight dudes.

    The cock sucking action is pretty wild. Unlike some gloryhole sites where the dudes don't even know that it is a man sucking their dick this one shows the action on split screen so you can watch both the sucking and the pleasured faces of the straight guys as they get blown. This alone makes the site worth a look.

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    All of the UnGloryHole videos are shot in an adult bookstore in actual booths which adds to the realism of the scenes. In addition to that all of the movies are filmed in HD so you can actually see what is happening. In total there are 106 cock sucking movies on the site and the majority of them are just cock sucking with the occasional full-on sex. The movies are a little on the short side with most being only about 20 minutes long.

    As far as pricing goes UnGloryHole is a little cheaper than the typical gay porn site. They offer a decent monthly rate for both streaming and downloadable content but they also have a special deal where you can sign up for the site for an entire year which will give you a large discount on the regular price.

    UnGloryHole is definitely a great place to check out if you are looking for a new gay glory hole site that has some unique cock sucking action. It is a pretty well made site with a fun concept, clean design and lots of HD glory hole movies. If they would just start updating more frequently it could be a top contender in the tricked straight guy gay glory hole niche but for now it is still a solid choice. So head on over and sign up for a free trial and see what this new site has to offer for yourself.