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  • Tokyo Face Fuck is a Japanese-themed, mouth sex focused porn site that features beautiful Asian girls getting their faces stuffed, their throats slashed and their mouth pusses drenched in thick cum. The site is one of the most recommended sites for fans of Asian face fucking because it has really impressive, original and kinky scenes. You don’t find too many blowjob-focused sites out there that have a collection as solid as this one does.

    The TokyoFaceFuck girls here are usually naked or in stockings and cute uniforms. Typically they’re alone in a room kneeling down while a guy forces his cock into their mouth or down their throat. Often there’s also a little plot, like the girl falling asleep in class and the teacher forcing his dick down her throat, but for most of the time these are simple, straightforward face fucking videos.

    What sets this site apart from the rest is that all the scenes are uncensored. This is a major plus because most other sites out there censor their content due to strict Japanese laws about showing nude bodies in public.

    TokyoFaceFuck updates once per week with video and bi-weekly with photos. There are no sexy mosaics or other visual distractions, the site is very basic and minimalistic. This gives it a clean look that’s quite nice to behold.

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    Another positive thing about TokyoFaceFuck is that the photos are of very high quality and all the models have an attractive, natural-looking smile on their face which makes them even more attractive. This is a good thing since they’re all smiling for the camera as their throat gets banged and their faces stuffed by hard unrelenting cocks.

    Some of the best scenes here include the slutty schoolgirls being fucked in the classroom. Yui Kasugano gets her slutty throat pussy pushed into her mouth as she licks and eats the cock until her spit is dripping in throat slime. Another great scene is the one where Ai Mizushima licks and swallows a dick as her mouth fills with gagging, choking and saliva-soaked cum.

    There’s a lot of fun stuff to find here but it would be nice if TokyoFaceFuck had more user-friendly features like subtitles, a search engine and a more detailed model index. The only other thing is that each scene is uploaded in two parts which can be a bit annoying for members as they don’t get the option to stream and download the whole scene at once.

    Overall, if you are a fan of Asian face fucking and you’re looking for a site that updates frequently with quality scenes that are both kinky and exciting then tokyofacefuck is definitely worth checking out. You won’t regret joining TokyoFaceFuck, even if it isn’t updated as often as you might hope. The content is really high quality and it’s a must-see for those who love harsh throat fucking, tonsil-tickling face sucks and thick cum shots. So go ahead and try out a free trial and see if you can’t get enough of this site.