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  • SubmissiveX is for female muscle fetishists who want to experience intense femdom. SubmissiveX features videos of hot porn stars Ariel X and other female babes. Popular babes include Dee Williams, Brandi Mae, London River, and Alexa Nova. There are 80 videos to choose from in SubmissiveX, all of which are available for purchase for the corresponding price. All videos are accompanied by photo galleries.

    While some find sexual gratification in muscled women who fight in catfights and lesbian group porn action scenes, others prefer to have a partner who is a little more submissive. While these types of relationships do involve sexual intercourse, SubmissiveX focuses on female domination. Muscle babes in the videos are hugely horny, have enormous straps on their dildos, and know just where to tick to provide multiple orgasms. 

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