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  • Silicon Wives has a great selection of sex dolls, from simple butt and vagina models to customized options. You can browse for a doll in your desired size and material, and you can even browse by sex preferences, like Japanese, Caucasian, or brunette. Silicon Wives also has great service, and you'll get your order in just three days.

    Silicon Wives is a legitimate sex doll company that partners with premium manufacturers to produce their dolls. The dolls are made of durable materials such as thermoplastic elastomer, so you won't have to worry about them breaking or being damaged. Plus, if you do break your sex doll, Silicon Wives will replace it for free. However, you must coordinate with the company to arrange the replacement.

    The dolls are also incredibly realistic, with incredibly detailed boobs, facial features, and other details. Each doll can be purchased separately or in complete sets. Silicon Wives also offers accessories and repair kits for any problem you might encounter with your sex doll. These accessories are included with every order.

    Silicon Wives is also known for their discreet shipping methods. Your sex doll will be shipped to you in a discreet, unmarked box. Silicon Wives ships internationally through UPS, FedEx, and other mail services. Shipping can take anywhere from three to seven days. The shipping time will depend on your location and local customs.

    SiliconWives sex dolls are incredibly realistic, allowing you to have a sex experience that is far more realistic than you would have with a real partner. Their silicone and TPE skeletons make them feel realistic, and you'll be able to mimic their emotional reactions and nuances.

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    While SiliconWives sells hundreds of sex dolls, you can also customize them to suit your exact needs. Customizing your sex dolls is possible but will cost you a few extra dollars. These dolls can also be customized to your specifications, but they are subject to wear and tear.

    Silicon Wives also offers free shipping, multiple payment methods, and killer customer service. Compared to tangible females, the Silicon Wives sex dolls will be better for all kinds of sexual pursuits, including bondage. The dolls are also very realistic, making them ideal for long-term sex.

    SiliconWives.com has been in the sex doll business for ten years, and their owners have extensive knowledge of the industry. As such, they strive to provide only the best products to their customers. They do not sell cheap immigrants or products made overseas. They are constantly expanding their selection of products. This allows them to offer you a wide selection and a perfect experience. Get your discount!