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  • Herzog Videos is a classic porn website that specializes in German hardcore action. It has been producing movies since the 1970s and has over 250 titles to its name. The site is very easy to navigate and offers content in both English and German. If you are a newcomer to the genre, HerzogVideos is a good place to start. Herzog Videos offers a large selection of films, as well as a membership program.
    The site offers videos from popular artists, and it also features obscure performers. It also offers DVDs of its videos. As a member, you can unlock bonuses and get extra content every month. For instance, if you subscribe to Herzog Videos for a year, you can unlock a free DVD.

    Herzog Videos also offers a growing catalog of original films. Many of the videos feature gorgeous landscapes and stunning women. The site doesn't shy away from outdoor scenes, like the one where a girl milks a cow and a cock. However, the website does not provide subtitles for the videos. The site could benefit from a video remastering program, subtitles, and a better translation of the content. The quality of videos on Herzog Videos is not up to par with that of Stiffia sites. The highest resolution videos on the site peak at 576p, but they don't match up with HD porn, which is available on the majority of Stiffia sites. The color is also overblown
    and the gamma is overly strong. The archive of videos has been released on digital and home video formats, but the quality is still pretty poor.

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    HerzogVideos also features old German sex flicks like Heidi, which was created in the 70s. The scenes contain real women enjoying sex, and are still worth watching more than 40 years later. In addition to Heidi porn videos, Herzog Videos offers a wide range of scenes featuring amateur women. Currently, the site features 561 videos, which include 97 full length DVDs. Despite the large number of videos, the site lacks photo galleries. Videos on the site are in MP4 formats. Most videos have 1920x1080 resolution, though some are older and display at a lower resolution. The photo galleries, on the other hand, have 8 separate sections and are not available separately. 

    Herzogvideos.com is a great place to find home videos. The site also features some of the highest rated and most popular videos from Herzog. The site also includes videos from around the world, from Istanbul to Bavaria. You can also find videos by
    Herzog and Rosemarie. Herzog Videos is an excellent source for videos of porn. Get your discount now!