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  • As a person experiencing GenderFlux, you are likely having trouble understanding the difference between your gender and your sexuality. In this article, you'll learn how to be an ally for people who identify as genderflux. First, understand that they may not be as open about their gender as you are. Nonetheless, you should try to be as inclusive as possible. Ultimately, this will make their lives easier. If you want to be an ally for someone who experiences GenderFlux, you must be open-minded and willing to challenge the concept of gender, sex, or sexuality.

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    GenderFlux is a term for people who experience significant fluctuations in their gender identity over time. Genderflux individuals can feel completely agender one day, and strongly female or demigender the next. Likewise, the intensity of association with gender can vary from 0% to 100%. The intensity of gender association can be very strong or very weak. GenderFlux people can also be a mix of both. The most common signs of GenderFlux are irregular sex patterns, hormonal fluctuations, or a mix of both. Get your discount!