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  • Cumshotoasis is a treasure trove for those who love to watch girls drenched in jizz. It’s a large and entertaining site with plenty of cute babes licking their dripping faces, mouths, pussies and asses. These babes are jizz guzzling pussies who like nothing better than sucking on a big juicy man’s cock. The dripping cum makes these sweeties happy and the best part is that there’s more than enough of it to go around!

    With 823 cumshot sets, Cumshot Oasis is an impressive collection of cum-filled scenes. It’s a shame that they stopped adding new scenes a few years ago as this is one of the more entertaining cum sites out there.

    This hardcore site is a member of the Adult Time network so you get access to a lot more than just these 10,000+ cumshot scenes. In fact, you also get a lot of network-exclusive DVD content as well.

    The Cumshot Oasis website has a nice looking layout that gives you easy navigation through the members area. The main sections include Scenes, DVDs and Pornstarts with good categorization and sort orders within each section. There’s also a drop down menu that takes you to all of the other bonus sites included with your membership.

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    CumshotOasis has a fair number of HD videos here although it’s not a huge percentage. Most of the clips come in SD with WMV files that max out at 720x480 pixels. They do have a decent amount of screencaps for their movies though.

    Those who love to watch photos will love the gallery feature here as it comes with each set of video. There are usually about 200 pictures per set and it’s pretty well organized. The only negative to the galleries is that you can’t save them in zip files or make slideshows from them.

    This is a pretty large cumshot site that features a lot of hot babes and a few hunks too. CumshotOasis has a few kinky scenes thrown in for good measure as well.

    With a very low price and network access included, this is definitely worth checking out for anyone who loves cumshots. It’s just a pity that updates have stopped since May 2009. If they pick up again soon, then this could be a top-notch cumshot site. Get your discount now on CumshotOasis.com!