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  • CaughtFapping is the Netflix of porn. Bree Mills is credited with pioneering the genre. It's no surprise that many people use porn to explore their tastes, desires, and sexuality. While CaughtFapping can be a great way to indulge in the content you want to watch, it has a responsibility to inform and educate its users. In fact, CaughtFapping is now ranked number one among adult video sites by its number of users.

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    Although the website's content has been widely criticized, CaughtFapping's mission has changed. The company has committed to remove all videos containing derogatory language, and it's working to amend archived titles, scene descriptions, movie posters, and more. Additionally, the site will institute a new standard to avoid transphobic language and train its staff to adhere to it. This move is just the latest example of the company's dedication to creating a safer environment for everyone.

    CaughtFapping is dedicated to creating a fun and comfortable environment for its models. Models are never pressured to perform scenes, and they are treated with respect and courtesy. CaughtFapping employs experienced producers and pays models a fair rate. All performers must give their consent before being used for filming. This is why CaughtFapping is the perfect site for anyone who enjoys masturbation! Get your discount now!