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  • BioniXXX Artificial intelligence Porn (or AI Porn) has slid its giant cock deep into society’s asshole. Now it’s giving horny fuckers that enjoy creating perverted shit a whole new hobby: building sex robots. It’s an amazing, if somewhat terrifying time.

    This has fueled moral panic about the threat of AI bots, with some politicians calling for regulations to be put in place. Others argue that this kind of regulation is akin to censorship and will not do much to prevent abuse. However, there is a very real danger that these technologies will be exploited to sexually objectify women and further blur lines between humans and non-humans.

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    BioniXXX has Sex robots, also known as fembots, are female robots that are designed to be attractive to men for sexual gratification. These robots can be programmed to look a specific way and have sensors that detect the presence of the male, which triggers the robot to respond with particular movements and vocal inflections. They can also be customised to make them more or less attractive.

    BioniXXX has Fembots have long been a topic of fascination for the male gaze, from Ovid’s story of Pygmalion’s sculpted ivory woman to post-apocalyptic sci-fi movies like Blade Runner and Ex Machina. In 2015, speculative fiction doyenne Margaret Atwood published the novel The Heart Goes Last with a protagonist who builds “prostibots” - robots that are programmed to act as a sex partner. Get your discount on BioniXXX.com!