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Anime Chaturbate


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  • In addition to her live chats, Anime Chaturbate has gained over twenty thousand followers. While most "V-tubers" on Chaturbate are animals, Melody is a human model. The 24-year-old has worked in the adult entertainment industry for three years and has over 20,000 followers on Chaturbate.

    Anime Chaturbate is the first female hentai camgirl, and was first introduced on Twitter back in July. Since starting her live streams, her Twitter following has increased from seven hundred to more than 20,000 within a three-day period. Her sudden popularity led her to join VShojo, one of the first VTuber talent agencies to launch in the West.

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    In Anime Chaturbate, she wears a black cinta and 3D anime avatar. The avatars are very popular with the general public, and the technology behind them is constantly advancing. People are now able to use 3D animation software to create avatars that look just like real women. This technology is upsetting the traditional concept of labor in a variety of fields, including animation. Get your discount!